Why Green?


Many people on Facebook will see filmmakers or film fanatics having green profile pictures.  This is in fact a case of solidarity with Visual Effects artists in the industry after Ang Lee won Best Director for his film The Life of Pi.  When Lee accepted his award, he never mentioned anything about the visual effects work  created which included many key visual elements to the movie.  This was also the case for Claudio Miranda, who won Best Achievements in Cinematography for The Life of Pi.

Lee has been under fire in the past for reportedly questioning why it takes so long for Editors and Visual Effects artists to get their work done and also why it costs so much money.  Tell this to the Visual Effects company, Rhythm and Hughes, that went Bankrupted after completing The Life of Pi (oh and they won an Oscar for their work too).  We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject though!  Comment below and don’t forget to like us on our Your Movie Madness Facebook page!

To read more about this story, check out the article from Studio Briefing HERE.

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