Harrison Ford Set to Return as Han Solo?

Harrison Ford as Han Solo

It is being reported by the Latino Review, that Harrison Ford, age 71, is all set to return as his former role of Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode VII.   As more reports are surfacing of this exciting news, it has not been announced by Disney yet if this is indeed a reality.  For those of us just now catching up and confused by the Disney name and Star Wars together, it was reported in October that the Walt Disney Company agreed to purchase the Star Wars movie for $4.05 billion in cash and stock.  With George Lucas stepping down from directing, J.J. Abrams ( Super 8, Star Trek, Mission Impossible III) will direct. The movie is currently updated on IMDB as being in pre-production with a release date of 2015.

Tell us your thoughts! Will you be excited to see Ford return, as a cameo role or do you prefer a larger role for him?  Do you think this is a done deal or just hype to get everyone talking?

Check out this quick interview where Ford says Han should have died in the last episode he was in over 30 years ago:

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  • Carl Thomas says:

    I though JJ Abrams said he wasnt going to direct the new star wars movie, for fear of ruining the franchise. I am still like “meh” with the entire idea. I am not a big fan of them continuing the original story at all. If they want to make a new star wars movie they should go Old Republic or much further into the future.

    Really separate themselves and not be dependent on the only good part of the series. The original 3 “New Hope”, “Empire Strikes Back”, and “Return of the Jedi”.

    But then again maybe I am just one of those that think the series has been destroyed enough by lucas.

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