Monthly Archives: February 2013

Why Green?

Many people on Facebook will see filmmakers or film fanatics having green profile pictures.  This is in fact a case of solidarity with Visual Effects artists in the industry after Ang Lee won Best Director for his film The Life of Pi.  When Lee accepted his award, he never mentioned anything about the visual effects work […]

Weekend Box office numbers are in!

Check out this weekends Box Office estimates for Friday, February 15th through Sunday, February 17th.  A Good Day To Die Hard topped the charts with its opening weekend with a release of $33 million.  With a $92 million budget, I am sure the new Bruce Willis flick will do really well in Box Office numbers.  Coming […]

Harrison Ford Set to Return as Han Solo?

It is being reported by the Latino Review, that Harrison Ford, age 71, is all set to return as his former role of Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode VII.   As more reports are surfacing of this exciting news, it has not been announced by Disney yet if this is indeed a reality.  For those […]

Zombie Apocalypse??

According to a local Montana station, the dead have risen from their graves and are attacking people! Is this the Zombie Apocalypse everyone has been preparing for?  In actuality, this was the work of a hacker who tapped the Emergency Broadcast during the Steve Wilkos show.  Watch the video and please tell us this is […]

Top Gun re-release looking good

Paramount Pictures came out with a pre-release 3D Imax of Top Gun viewing in 3oo theaters this weekend to come out with $1.9 million.  The 1986 classic starring Tom Cruise is looking really strong for being a 27 year old film!  The film was remastered and converted into 3D under supervision of the director of the […]

Bradley Cooper Sniper Biopic

After shooting of ex-navy seal Chris Kyle, actor Bradley Cooper is moving forward with the film titled American Sniper.  The film is said to be based on the autobiography of Kyle who served four tours in Iraq.  After seeing Cooper act in Silver Linings Playbook and also co-starring in the movie The Place Beyond the […]

Ellen Page Directorial Debut?

Interesting news just in!  Actress Ellen Page is going to be directing her first film.  The film looks to be attaching actress Anna Faris who will be playing a High School teacher who chaperons a drama class to a competition.  The film is titled Miss Stevens. Check out more on this story covered by Vulture!   Photo Credit: […]

Chris Pratt Career Launch

Funnyman Chris Pratt’s career is about to blow up!  Entertainment Weekly has just confirmed that Pratt will be playing the lead in Guardians of the Galaxy, a Marvel project.  After seeing Pratt in movies like The Five-Year Engagement and the sitcom Parks and Recreation, it is amazing to see him branch out in roles like […]

Kutcher Hospitalized before Filming

It is being reported that Ashton Kutcher was hospitalized just days before filming for his upcoming role as Steve Jobs, Apple’s former CEO, in the movie jOBS.  He tried to emulate Jobs’ diet, which was a fruit based diet. While at the Sundance Film festival,Kutcher opens up and talks about what happened to his body, “First of all, the […]

Warm Bodies Wins Big

It looks as if Warm Bodies is taking over the box office this weekend.  In it’s opening weekend, it is estimated at $19.5 million (which is likely to be larger).  Even with no reported budget, it is a strong opening and I feel it will only gain more momentum in weeks to come.  Hansel and Gretel: […]

Johnny Depp’s New Project

Reports say that Johnny Depp is set to star in the next Barry Levinson project titled Black Mass. Depp is set to play Whitey Bulger, South Boston’s most notorious gangster.  Bulger has a fascinating story and the project is aimed to film in May sometime.  Should be a good one!  To read more, read the […]